#HopeIsContagious Badge


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What you get:
Upon receiving your delivery- you will find one Tear shaped, purple and white, soft enamel ‘#HopeIsContagious’ badge.

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Monies Raised

Thank you for supporting the campaign - you might like to know that all monies generated from the sale of badges & wristbands will be reinvested into the campaign so that we can spread awareness of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer to a wider audience in the hope that more people may recognise the symptoms at an early stage as early diagnosis is key to survival.

Hope is Contagious is a Charity Fund for Pancreatic Cancer UK and Pancreatic Cancer Action and excess monies not required to fund the campaign will be sent to these charities to further aid the excellent work they already do.

We are extremely grateful to both Pancreatic Cancer Action and Pancreatic Cancer UK for allowing us to use their symptom awareness literature on our website. Both are excellent charities doing great work in the field of pancreatic cancer and you can view their websites here - Click here for Pancreatic Cancer Action. - Click here for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on