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Maggie and Julie Hesmondhalgh discuss the pancreatic cancer debate on Lorraine

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Did you know?

Symptoms can include:

  • Jaundice
  • Back/Stomach Pain
  • Weight Loss
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What stands still for 40 years? It was 2009 and we were about to find out that pancreatic cancer survival rates hadn’t improved since 1969

My husband Kevin’s death came 40 years after the death of his mother yet the medics could offer Kevin no better a chance of survival in 2009 than they could his mum in 1969, Both were taken way too young and with no hope of survival.
I loved that many other cancers had seen varying degrees of improvement over 40 years, but was shocked and disappointed that absolutely nothing had changed for pancreatic cancer.
The key is getting caught early enough for surgery.  Symptom awareness is so important. This campaign aims to raise the profile of pancreatic cancer with a clear focus on symptom awareness - early diagnosis is key to survival.
Future pancreatic cancer patients need the HOPE that was denied to Jean, Kevin and many, many other pancreatic cancer patients.

Graph Above Courtesy of Pancreatic Cancer Action