Thank you Paula et al!

North Lincolnshire Council have been incredibly supportive of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month (November) for a few years now. Year on year, the awareness is really growing locally which is amazing and may even mean that someone out there could get diagnosed at an early, operable stage just by being more informed and more aware.
In November we were invited to do an Awareness session at the Civic Centre which was open to members of the public as well Council employees. A lady called Paula Ashcroft attended the session and, unbeknown to us at the time, went away with the thought of wanting to help raise funds & awareness. Imagine my absolute delight when I received an email from Paula out of the blue a few weeks ago to say that she, together with the other fabulous people at the Scunthorpe Wellbeing Hub, had raised £380 for Pancreatic Cancer – just amazing!
It was a real pleasure to visit the Hub and meet with Paula and her colleagues and it was also great to see pancreatic cancer literature on display in the reception area.
Thank you Paula from the bottom of my heart – firstly for coming along to the awareness session and wanting to get ‘pancreatic cancer aware’ and secondly for going that step further and recognising the huge need to spread awareness and raise funds – truly, truly grateful to you and all of your friends at the Hub for your kindness – thank you all.
The £380 raised will be split equally between Pancreatic Cancer UK and Pancreatic Cancer Action – both are fabulous charities doing fantastic work and both are striving for better outcomes for future pancreatic cancer patients which is what we all want to see.
The dismal survival rates for pancreatic cancer have stood still for 40+ years and the only way we are going to see change is if we can keep the momentum going and continue to grow the awareness and funding – so Paula……. thank you for helping us to do that and for spreading a little hope #HopeIsContagious

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