More Hope Vibes!

Full disclosure………

#HopeIsContagious, until now, has been a pancreatic cancer awareness initiative

BUT everyone is mixing it up in these exceptional times and so are we!

Never has the word ‘HOPE’ been more in demand, so we’re temporarily using #HopeIsContagious to recognise those oozing the hope vibes.

Today’s #HopeIsContagious medal goes to the absolutely INCREDIBLE Captain Tom Moore – an utter inspiration!

As I write, Captain Tom has raised £9.4m for the NHS doing his 100th birthday walk. Yes, he will be 100 at the end of the month!

THANK YOU Captain Tom for oozing hope & kindness in these testing times and for showing us all that we are never too old to make a difference!

Let’s keep spreading & recognising much needed, heartwarming, hope & kindness!


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