Sometimes People Exceed Expectations!

Not knowing what to expect, I arrived at a surgery hosted by Nic Dakin, MP. I was apprehensive but on a mission – we had a campaign and needed MP backing. I explained our aims, Nic listened and the following day we were on his website – why on earth was I apprehensive!

We needed to get pancreatic cancer on the agenda, not just politically but everywhere. Our epetition ran for a year – Nic was in our corner every step of the way, supporting us with media opportunities and sharing our cause wherever he could.

After a year of incredible teamwork, involving some amazing people and charities, we pulled it off! ….we got our Parliamentary Debate. Again Nic’s commitment was unfailing and when our long-awaited day in Westminster arrived, Nic led an informed Debate, generating fantastic Cross Party support all recognising the need for more awareness and funding for this much neglected cancer.

We were also keen for Nic to be involved in the All Party Parliamentary Group. I’ve since come to realise just how full Nic’s diary gets but, at short notice, he squeezed us in and by the end of the meeting he’d committed to being Treasurer and subsequently became Chair. With Nic at the helm and ably supported by fantastic charities, campaigners, parliamentarians and clinicians to name but a few, the APPG really does do incredible work.

Nic has completely and consistently embraced our cause. He’s raised questions in PMQs, frequently speaks to the media and only a couple of months ago took part in the Cancer Debate, once again highlighting the real need for more to be done around pancreatic cancer.

This Sunday, Nic is running the London Marathon for the second year running and, yes, you’ve guessed it, he’s supporting pancreatic cancer with three pancreatic cancer charities included in his chosen causes!

In a time when many MPs are receiving negative press, it’s important to give credit where credit is due. From what I can see, Nic gives the same level of care and support to all of his constituents and Nic’s commitment has definitely given pancreatic cancer a platform and a voice.

We just want to say thank you for not only meeting our expectations Nic but exceeding them. We wish you the best of luck on Sunday – we’re absolutely rooting for you!

If you’ve got a spare quid or two and feel so inclined, you can support Nic here to help get him to his target Nic’s Marathon

Thanks for taking the time to read this and whilst you’re here why not take a minute to familiarise yourself with the symptoms of pancreatic cancer – it knows no boundaries and early diagnosis is key so we all need to be symptom aware.

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