Super Duper Train Guard!

There’s much in the news currently about train guards and the possibility of making trains driver only. I want to tell you about this fantastic train guard!

Last year, in Awareness Month, we were travelling to Manchester by train and I saw the guard moving through the carriage, cheerily chatting to everyone as he checked their tickets. I noticed he had an array of badges on his waistcoat so when he got to us, I asked him about his badges and asked him if I could give him a #HopeIsContagious badge to add to his collection. He was interested, wanted to know more about the campaign and I explained it was Awareness Month. I went on to explain the dire survival rates and the fact that symptom awareness was poor. To my absolute surprise, he not only pinned the Hope Is Contagious badge on his waistcoat but he also said he would put an announcement over the tannoy to tell everyone it was Awareness Month!

A few minutes later we were delighted to hear this amazing guard make the promised announcement that November was Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

About eight months later we were travelling the same route again. Imagine my delight when I saw the same guard and he was still wearing the badge! Not only that, he remembered us and remember our cause.

Keep the guards on the trains…………they do so much more than check your tickets. This guy had such a cheery disposition and he engaged so well with all of his passengers and we are extremely grateful to him for helping us raise the profile of pancreatic cancer!

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